Relax in the Maze Rattan NEW Victoria 2 and 3 Seat High Back Sofa Set.

Maze Rattan NEW Victoria 2 and 3 Seat High Back Garden Sofa Set.

Here we are , the new Maze Rattan Victoria 2 or 3 Seat High back Garden Sofa Set have just arrived , and to put it simply we are not disapointed neither by the style nor the finish.

When i choose a garden furniture , there are some points that are not negociable , and the quality , the practicality are some of them.

Maze Rattan Victoria 2 Seat High Back Garden Furniture Set
The Maze Rattan Victoria 2 seat High Back Sofa Set is a garden furniture with two Large Armchairs and coffee table.

Maze Rattan is the brand that can provide the piece of mind that you need when it comes to invest several hundreds or a thousand quid in a rattan Furniture Set that you hope will last for long.

This Maze Rattan Victoria High back 2 or 3 Seat Garden Furniture Set are made with synthetic mixed grey broad flat rattan which is weatherproof and hand woven onto a powder coated aluminium frame , therefore rust free and much lighter than the steel frame. It sounds obvious but it worth enunciating the bases to avoid bad surprises later.

Maze Rattan Victoria 3 Seat High Back Sofa Set
The Victoria High Back 3 Seat garden sofa set has Two Victoria Armchairs and one Coffee table.

We can carry on in saying that this Maze Rattan Victoria 2 or 3 seater sofa set with armchairs are the perfect combination if you want to socialise or just simply lying down in sunshine days. The Deep and comfortable cushions which are washable will allow to have a nap , French syle!

For the safety of the youngest all cushions are UKFR , that means fire retardant , and the glass top coffee table is 8 mm Toughened glass.

Maze Rattan Victoria 3 Seat High Back Garden Sofa Set With Armchairs And Coffee Table
The Victoria 3 Seat High Back Garden Sofa Set is the new model of the Victoria flat range from Maze Rattan.

The Maze Rattan Victoria 2 and 3 seat Sofa Garden Sofa Set with two armchairs are a space saver and can be placed almost everywhere. It can be in the garden , patio , or conservatory.

The Two Victoria armchairs are large and comfortable , the seat and back cushions are 10cm Thick. Where are the competitors…

The aluminium polish feet are there which will prevent them from unraveling or twisting and give the final touch to this bestseller.




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