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Maze Rattan Winchester 3 Seat Garden Sofa Set With Fire Pit Coffee Table

A garden is one of the integral parts of our home. While planning any renovation, people mostly forget about this section. As a result, they buy an odd-looking garden patio in hurry. Along with that, it doesn’t even match the backdrop of their home. So, do you really want to make sure that your outdoor furniture looks stunning? Then, Maze Rattan Winchester is the best match.

This rattan corner sofa set by Rattan Furniture Fairy is exactly what you dreamt of. Not only it fits with a decent family size of 5 people, but it has a separate coffee table.

Reasons why you should buy Maze Rattan Winchester 3 Seat Garden Sofa Set

Here, we will clear all your doubts about buying this product. Below are the attractive features of one of the amazing range of Maze Rattan.

3 Seater Set and Two Arm Chairs
Firstly, you need to know why this is one of the good quality rattan furniture sets! It is because it can easily accommodate 5 people at once. So, it becomes easy to spend quality time with friends and family. The three-seater and 2 armchairs give the best comfort with the perfect alignment of your back and waist. Hence, it is the perfect choice for your garden.

Edgy Design
Secondly, as you can see that the furniture is made up of weave designs. In combination with a smooth finish, this weave design gives the perfect edgy touch. This feature will surely make your garden look extra stylish. Furthermore, it is perfect for the outdoor meeting as well. People will surely not stop praising your choice!

Aluminium Frame with Powder Coating
Thirdly, you may think that buying a cheap rattan furniture set is not a good decision. But, it’s not! Rattan Furniture Fairy offers you the best product at cheaper rates. The furniture set is coated with powder aluminium which doesn’t rust. Apart from that, the aluminium structure makes it lightweight and easy to move. So, what else do you need while selecting furniture for your garden?

Coffee Table with Toughened Glass Top
Additionally, this Winchester range by the brand Maze Rattan comes with a coffee table. But, the main attraction of this product is the toughened glass top with a fire pit. It comes with a perfect height of 47 cm with the same weave design of rattan corner sofa sets. Also, it has a width of 110 cm that gives ample space to keep the warm coffee or food.

CE Registered Fire Systems
Isn’t the fire pit is an interesting feature for cheap rattan sofa sets by Maze Rattan? You can even spend your winter nights with your friends surrounded by the fire pit. This fire pit has a diameter of 33 cm which is perfect for giving you warmth on chilly nights. Also, the GE certification means that it is completely safe to use.

Comfortable Cushions with Matching Colours
No outdoor furniture is complete with a set of matching cushions. Its removable and reusable feature makes this product one of the good quality rattan furniture sets. Also, what if we say that these cushion covers are easy to remove and washable? Furthermore, they are flame retardant, so you can remain stress-free for lighting the fire pit.

Easy to Handle and Low Maintenance
As these chairs and tables are structured with aluminium metal, they are easy to handle. You can keep them outdoors throughout the year. Thus, can easily stay strong and new for several years. Just dust or wipe it off with a clean cloth and you are done!
Therefore, if the above features don’t make this product the right choice when what should be? Now you can understand why Rattan Furniture Fairy is the best site for your home furniture. From the garden, furniture sofa sets to outdoor daybeds, and others, you can get them all in one place. Hurry up and book this furniture and get free delivery.

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Garden Corner Sofa sets, Garden Furniture Set, Garden Sofa sets, Maze Rattan

Maze Rattan Rio Corner Sofa Set

When we buy or renovate our home, choosing the right sofa set can be a tough choice. You have to consider various things such as size, colour, design, weight, space, etc. It is an essential furniture to spend some comfortable time with your family. Having a spacious and comfortable corner sofa set is the best way to accentuate your home.
It also becomes tough to select the right material with the availability of vast choices.

But, what if we tell you that you get trendy, elegant, and most importantly comfortable features in one sofa? Yes, you read that right! The new Maze Rattan Rio Corner Sofa Set by Rattan Furniture Fairy is a perfect choice. This is one of the good-quality rattan furniture sets that you can buy for your home.

Let’s know about the different features and the benefits of Maze Rattan Rio Corner Set

Weather Proof Structure

The Maze Rattan Rio Corner Set is made up of an aluminium structure. Along with that, it is coated with the powder coating of Alu-Frame. This means it will not rust and make its weight lighter. Hence, you can move it easily and do the necessary cleaning daily. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, then cheap rattan furniture sets are the best choice.

Best For Outdoor Placement

As it is mentioned above that it is made from aluminium, it makes a perfect fit for outdoors as well. It is made up of a flat weave that gives it a rustic look. The poly rattan and aluminium framing can withstand any weather throughout the year. Thus, if you want, you can keep this sofa set in your garden or a poolside area, as you like. Apart from that, you can also turn them into outdoor daybeds to enjoy your comfortable time.

Large Comfy Cushions

Thirdly, one of the main things that we consider among furniture is comfort. But, you don’t need to worry about that for this furniture. The large cushions on the sofas make this product stand out from others. You can easily remove the cushions and wash them without any worries. The cushions have high density and are retardant to flame as well.

Get 1 Recliner

This product from the range of Maze Rattan comes with a recliner as well. So, you use it and enjoy your sunbath during your holidays. Isn’t it amazing? You can easily adjust the height and alignment as you like. Hence, it is a perfect choice for your family. It means, that it is not only affordable but equally dynamic as well. That’s why it is one of the cheap rattan sofa sets that suits best for your home.

Coffee Table with Toughened Glass Top

You also get a coffee table with a size of 30cm height and 72 cm width. Not only that, it comes with a toughened glass of 8 mm. This feature completes the whole look of the furniture and gives a classy touch. Furthermore, you can turn this coffee table into a footstool which is another amazing feature of Rattan corner sofa sets.

2 Corner and 1 Middle Sofa

Along with that, it comes with two corner sofa set with cushions. Thus, one of the crucial benefits of this sofa set is that you can adjust them according to your convenience. All these features make sure that it adds a vibrant and spacious touch to your home. Apart from that, the cheap rattan sofa sets come with a free maintenance feature.


Along with the free maintenance, the maze rattan Rio sofa set also has a warranty period. Thus, you get a structural warranty of 5 years. Now you can happily enjoy your comfortable times without any worries on this amazing sofa set.
In conclusion, with the above features, you can now understand why this furniture is one of the best Rattan corner sofa sets by Rattan Furniture Fairy. Book this product and get free delivery too!

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Cambridge Reclining Garden Corner Sofa Dining Set With Rising Table and Armchair
Garden Corner Sofa sets, Garden Furniture Set, Garden Sofa sets

Cambridge Reclining Garden Corner Sofa Dining Set With Rising Table and Armchair

Regretting that you have enough room for luxury Garden Furniture Sets? We have got fantastic ideas to renovate your garden set up. With these unique boutique garden sofa ideas, you will be able to add a more versatile look to your outdoor space.

We understand the awful experience of getting a new outdoor furniture set and finding out the inconvenience of setting it up. This is why modular Rattan Garden Furniture Sets are incomparable. Their adjustable positioning and variety of combinations complement your outdoor garden space perfectly. For your convenience, you can expand the sofa by adding an additional section to it.

Our exclusive garden sofa sets have different variations in style, color, size, texture, and look. All are specifically designed to enhance the look of your outdoor space. How would you style the outdoor space? Let’s find out:

Making it versatile for any position

If you have a comparatively large lawn or pool space, you have different options to style your garden. For summer, you can make the most of the shades by adding an umbrella. On the other hand, take the warmth of sunshine by placing them on the sunny side for winter.

You see, you should not limit the style by choosing a single area. With changing effects of season and usability, you can also improvise the look. So, in that case, you better go for a flexible sofa set that can be adjustable as per your preferences.

L shape corner sofa set is the most common and trending nowadays. The best part is you can use the different sections separately in seating areas. Hence, they can be utilized for small to large gardens with different variations as well.

How about creating a daybed?

There is nothing better than relaxing over a majestical daybed on a chilly winter morning or a cool summer evening. You can actually create the outlandish look and luxurious feel of a day bed without replacing the existing garden sofa set. Cheap Rattan Furniture Sets offer the team the sofa modules with additional footstools to position the daybed. Once you are done lying in the beauty of the garden, you can convert the form back into the sofa.

This idea of a daybed looks fantastic beside a pool as well. You can add more cushions to add more layers of color to the entire look.

Create your own style fit

You will thank me later if you go for an L shape corner sofa set. This will allow to style as per occasion and usability. Moreover, Cheap Rattan Sofa Sets are available in different shapes, styles, suits that go perfect in different garden spaces.

If you are looking for a classic look, you must opt for our Oliver collection with a beautifully designed steel frame. Add additional warmth and artistic fusion with our latest Cambridge Reclining Garden Corner Sofa sets.

As all these collections are flexible and adaptable, you can separate any section and place them somewhat closer or differently to make the most of the space. This way, one can create their preferred style that goes perfect on a specific occasion. Whether it’s a party or a general setup you can also take ideas from Pinterest to smartly design your outdoor space

Use them for multi-functional purposes

Our modular garden sets are quintessentially designed to be efficient for different outdoor spaces. You can scale the sofa to match your patio size. Hence, these collections are multiple elements to design that can be used for various purposes by saving your space. While our exclusive modular sofa is an elegant fit for general purposes, the footstool likewise doubles up as a coffee table. Add a premium glass top to add more perfection to the final look.

Change style with changing nature of weather

Like I said before, outdoor furniture should go well with the external setup. For example, during the rainy season, you cannot flaunt your colorful cushions; similarly, during summer or spring, they are just a perfect stroke of perfection. On the other hand, during winter, make your sofa as much as cozy as possible.

For changing seasons, our modular Garden Furniture Sets have individual rain covers which can be customizable, keeping the layout as per your choices.

To wrap up

Explore our whole range of Outdoor Fabric Sofa Sets and choose your favorite one. You can take fresh ideas from our designers and create a stunning outdoor look. Choose from an exclusive range of colors, black, grey, brown, or off-white garden furniture, where you will get our premium touch.

With a plethora of styles, including flexible recliners, stunning outdoor table and chair set as well as patio chairs, tables, and modular corner sofa sets. Find your fit! Happy furniture with us!

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Tips to Choose the Cheap and Best Furniture Sets For Your Home and Garden

Choosing furniture according to the budget is a task. But, it doesn’t mean that cheap items are ugly and short-living. You just spend the right amount that fits your requirement. Buying furniture for your home is exciting and can take a significant time. Also, it becomes very tough to choose from a plethora of options.

Also, the whooping prices of furniture make it more difficult to choose. But, don’t worry we are here to solve this problem for you. The garden patios from Rattan Furniture Fairy are the one that just fits perfectly according to your budget. From sofa sets to dining sets and many more, you get it all at affordable rates.

Important Tips to Choose the Best Furniture Sets

Furniture can easily accentuate the look of your room. Thus, it becomes very important to choose the right furniture that matches your style and idea. The following tips can be helpful to make the right investment and choose the best furniture from the lot.

Choose the Furniture Type

Firstly, you need to understand the furniture type you need. According to that, you have to make the budget. If you have a tight budget, then you should know that the furniture should last for several years. Whether you want a smooth wooden finish, or metal, etc. they must be worth the investment. You can add some other items such as new slipcovers, cushions, etc. to your bed to make it look exquisite.

Sofa Sets and other Items should match your need

Secondly, you can buy furniture like sofa sets, dining sets, etc. but they should match your needs. For that, Patio Furniture Sets are the best example for cheap and best. They offer a wide variety of options that perfectly fits your requirement. Thus, they have a perfect size, finishing, and most importantly, adds a new look to your home. Now, you can do that with cheap furniture such as a couch, side table, corner sofa, etc.
Functionality of Furniture

Now, it is also important that the furniture utilizes every inch of space. This will help to make your room look spacious and comfortable. For example, you can turn a sofa set into a couch or office desk into a dining table with a few additions. Hence, it’s upon you how you use the space and the furniture at its best. The good quality Rattan furniture sets are easily usable for various purposes. Hence, don’t forget to check whether the furniture has multiple functions or not when buying.

Add your personal touch to them

Whether you are choosing furniture for garden, office or home, adding a personal touch lifts the overall look. But, how can you do it? That’s simple, add extra items if you still have some money remaining. If you are looking for minimal yet elegant furniture, then Rattan Corner Sofa Sets are undoubtedly the best choice. The sofa set fills the room’s space the right way and still looks spacious and stylish. You can put a flower vase to the table, or add a new mattress and pillows to the couch, etc. Thus, you can give an overall artistic feel to your room if you want.

Size of the Furniture

Yes, you heard that right; size is also an important thing that you look for in the home and garden furniture. What if the chair is too short or the table is too high. Thus, that’s not what we want. So, whenever you are buying furniture whether offline or online, verify the size in the beginning.

Know the difference between cheap and value for money

When we say cheap, it means that the item is not the best. But that’s not true. We all want the best items at a lower rate. So, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality. Thus, if the furniture is the best offer you can get, then you must grab it. However, outdoor corner sofa sets offer you the best value for money opportunity.

Comfort is the Ultimate Need

Lastly, whichever furniture you are going to buy, comfort should be the priority. Thus, the first thing when we enter our home, all we want is comfort. So, it doesn’t matter that the furniture is costly or stylish if it fails in this factor. Thus, whether you are choosing dining sets, chairs, or any other furniture, make sure that you are investing in the right furniture.

To Wrap Up

Hence, as you now know the tips, no one can stop you to grab the best items at an affordable rate. But, what if we say, you will get all of them in one place? Yes, Rattan Furniture Fairy is the best place from where you choose sustainable and stylish options at an affordable rate. The Outdoor Daybeds, garden patios, sofa sets, are excellent. The simplistic and elegant furniture will surely make your room feel spacious and comfortable.

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How Rattan Furniture is Superior Than Other Furniture

Rattan furniture is a type of furniture made from natural rattan. The main difference between Rattan furniture and other types of outdoor furniture is that the material used for rattan is sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable.

Rattan furniture has been around for centuries and now you can see its popularity getting bigger than ever with products like sofa sets, corner sets, Rattan dining sets and garden sets. Rattan furniture today allows us to create beautiful spaces in our homes with ecological values that will last for years without any maintenance.

There are many benefits of using Rattan furniture over other furniture. One of which is that it is renewable, hardwearing and easy to clean. Even though it is more expensive than other furniture, the benefits make it worth the investment.

It Is Sturdy, Durable And Lightweight:

Rattan furniture is a durable and sturdy yet lightweight type of material that can be used in outside areas as well as indoors. It is typically known for its exotic beauty and the fact that it can last for decades.

There are various uses of Rattan furniture, which include outdoor, garden, and indoor use. One important use of Rattan furniture is its durability. Its durability makes it a great option to invest in because the product will last a lifetime without needing to be replaced often.

Rattan Garden Sofa Sets Comes With An Attractive Appearance: 

 Rattans are not only strong but also offer an attractive appearance that enhances the beauty of any outdoor space. They are lightweight and compact, making it easy to assemble or disassemble them to either store them away or take them with you on your next vacation. They also give you great value for your money because they can last for years without maintenance.

Most Suitable Material For Outdoor Furniture

Rattan is the most suitable material for outdoor furniture. This is because it’s lightweight, durable and it does not rust, corrode or decay. It has the best qualities among all materials used in Outdoor Sofa Sets like teak, metal and wicker.

Can Also Be Recycled:

Rattan is also known as palm leaf which makes it a sustainable material that’s recyclable in many ways. You can easily clean up with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly to prevent any mold from forming.

Strong Enough To Hold Up The Weather: 

Rattan garden furniture is a great choice for people who want to make their outdoor spaces more beautiful. These outdoor furnitures are not only beautiful but they are also strong enough to hold up with the weather outside. Also, these outdoor furnitures are very easy on the eyes.

Finally:Rattan Garden Furniture is a favorite choice of many people because of its unmatched durability. It is made of thin strips that are woven together to form a solid, yet soft, material that is resistant to weathering and sun damage. Rattan Corner Sofa Sets are popular for their elegance and simplicity.

They are the perfect addition to any living room with room for up to six guests. These pieces can be matched with Rattan Dining Sets or Garden Sofa Sets. Rattan furniture has stood the test of time, giving it an aura of timelessness, which makes it an excellent investment for any home.