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Maze Rattan Oxford Royal U-Shaped Garden Sofa Set With Fire Pit

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal U-Shaped Garden Sofa Set With Fire 💥💥💥Pit- If you are looking for a simple, classy, elegant and refined addition to your patio or garden, you can’t go wrong with this amazing u-shaped outdoor sofa set, It is luxuriant and roomy, with space for up to eight peoples.

Features and warrenty of sofa set

The sumptuous, matching grey cushions and thick padded are removable, flame retardant and showerproof, and the square rising table has an 8mm glass table top made of toughened glass with ample space for glasses.

Now available with free delivery, and a 5-year structural guarantee, this gorgeous rattan garden sofa set is a low maintenance and fuss-free asset to any outdoor space.

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal U-Shaped Sofa Set With Fire Pit Includes:
-1 x Left Sofa
-1 x Right Sofa
-2 x Corner Pieces
-1 x 2 Seat Centre Sofa
-1 x Square Rising Table With in-built Fire Pit
-1 x Large Bench Seat
-1 x Glass Surround & Lazy Susan
-1 x Cooking pan, Shelf & Lava Rocks

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Maze Rattan Oxford Small Corner Sofa Set
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how to Install Garden Furniture

Carefree work on the garden plot or cottage can provide many enjoyable minutes. After such actions, it is not a bad idea to relax and unwind, enjoying the comforts that are inaccessible in the conditions of the city’s fuss. And if you are able to choose correctly and rationally arrange comfortable garden furniture, you will bring real pleasure to yourself and your loved ones.

Instruction: how to create a attractive garden

Maze Rattan Oxford Corner Sofa Dining set With armchair
Maze Rattan Oxford Casual Corner Sofa Dining With ice bucket and rising table

1. Determine what type of furniture you want to see in your garden. Choose the amount and type of furniture taking into account the size of the spaces and features of the landscape. For this you must choose rattan garden furniture that makes your garden fully attractive and beautiful. The main requirements for facilities for recreation in the country are comfort and functionality. 

If you spend a lot of time on the garden plot, then take care of stationary structures, while making a rare visit to the dacha, there is enough portable furniture that can be stored in the utility room.

2. Decorate the interior of the garden with granite benches. Such a structure will not only give the site its uniqueness, but also allow you to cool in the summer and warm in the cold. Granite is unique in that it only heats in the sun up to a certain temperature, so it is possible to install such a bench in an open space.

3. Try to choose to give “attractive” furniture that will not distract you from the natural beauty of the natural. In any case, when installing structures, try to ensure that the furniture is in harmony with the elements of the natural environment in color and shape.

4. Set up a table and two or three chairs on the lawn in the vicinity of the living room entrance. This will allow making arranging an easy breakfast or dinner a breeze with no hassle. For these purposes, wide wicker chairs, garden sofa sets are quite suitable, combined in color with a similar light table. If desired, the entire mobile kit can be transferred to another place, for example, in the shade or, conversely, on the sunny side of the garden.

5. If the site has a children’s corner, then equip it with low benches with images of animals or children’s fairy tales. To protect from rain and excessive sun, make a wooden “fungus”. The location for children’s play is more convenient to put closer to the house so that you can control the kids easily.

6. When you have furniture, be aware that it may feel differently in the open air. Some objects will fade in the sun and crack, while others are not afraid of heat or rain. Plastic and metal furniture can be safely installed on the edge of a pool or on the edge of a natural pond.

7. Try installing “shade-loving” furniture in closed spaces, like a canopy or under the crown of a tree. Items woven from natural materials, it is desirable to use in gazebos, not allowing them to be exposed to rain.

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Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite

A garden furniture sets need to be suitable and adaptable for all-year use, the maze rattan Chelsea garden suite ticks these boxes. Entertain your family and friends and use your garden all year with this amazing and attractive rattan garden furniture.

The comfortable maze rattan chelsea lifestyle suite garden sofa set-daybed:

Rattan Chelsea is a comfy sofa set, or as a daybed. It is very easy to convert as a daybed, and for individual seating. It can be adjusted to your chosen height, making it perfect as a coffee table.

Low Maintenance:

This Chelsea rattan garden sofa set is very low maintenance. It comes with easy care fabric that can be simply cleaned with a soft cloth, all covers are fully washable and removable. The cushions are also UV protected.

Key features of rattan garden furniture

Powder-coated aluminum frame that will not rust or fade
It comes with a 5-year guarantee
It can be cleaned by just damp clothe easily
UV resistant, Showerproof
Free delivery on all orders over 50£
Low maintenance

Maze Rattan Chelsea Suite Garden Sofa Set With Rising Table Includes:

-1 x Rounded Sofa Set With Seat and Back Cushions
-1 x Rising Table/Footstool
-2 x Rounded Bench Seats
*Scatter cushions not included

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Maze Rattan Oxford Royal Corner With Fire Pit

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal Corner With Fire Pit is one of the best attractive and comfortable corner dining sets. that includes a sensational fire pit in it which makes your next party awesome and memorable. this rattan garden furniture is elegant, modular, warming. this casual corner sofa dining set will seat up to 8 people. with completely free delivery and also a 5-year guarantee.

It has made by the highest-quality Maze Rattan, this corner sofa set offers high-density foam cushions for relief and comfort. These cushion covers are washable, removable. in the center of the table, an eye-catching fire pit. that attracts anyone.

Maze Oxford Royal Corner With Fire Pit:

-1 Left Rattan Sofa
-1 Right Rattan Sofa
-1 Firepit System
-1 Glass Surround
-1 Black Firestones
-1 Lazy Susan
-1 Grill Plate & Shelf
-1 Right Curved Sofa
-1 Table With Fire Pit
-2 Bench Seats

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal Corner Rising Dining set With Inset Ice Bucket:

-Luxury in-built Fire Pit
-Removable and washable covers
-Showerproof Cushions
-Can accommodate up to 8 people
-Synthetic all-weather half round rattan
-Powder-coated aluminium frame
-Maintenance Free
-2 Man Delivery
-5 Year Structural guarantee
-Fire pit systems are CE registered
-Cushions with high density foam
-Table has a 5mm toughened glass top
-Benches add versatility to your garden furniture set

Maze Rattan Corner Dining Sets Features:

  • 100 PE Rattan Natural Looking
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Low Maintenance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Free Delevery on All Order Over 50£

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Spending time outdoors can be more fun with Rattan Furniture Sets

Who doesn’t love spending quality time outdoors isn’t? Now you can add more fun while relaxing outdoors with Rattan Garden Furniture sets.

You can opt from a range of elegant Maze Rattan Garden Furniture to relax outdoors. Among others, Maze Garden Sofa sets are quite popular.

Outdoor garden corner sofa can also add to your outdoor space. Yes, it helps you create an organized lounge with premium Rattan that comes with durable cushions to meet your patio, lawn, or outdoor needs.

The Rattan Garden Furniture Sets are modular, versatile, and can be customized in different shapes to match your living space outdoors.

 You can choose from Canopy Corner, Curved, and Casual sofa sets.  You can arrange the furniture neatly in area outside and can enjoy the summer or winter seasons enjoying the outdoors.

The sofa set has all the features you are looking for like

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Low maintenance

Why Maze Rattan Garden Furniture?

Maze Rattan Garden Sofa Setsoffer a comfortable seating solution to spend quality time while enjoying, socializing, and relaxing outdoors. The brand offers elegant sitting in all areas.

With this brand, the set includes lounge chairs, 3 seater sofa, etc to help your space become an ideal place for winters, spring, and summers.

Outdoor furniture sets

Matches your garden design

Rattan furniture is designed to adapt to your existing garden space. Talking about the colors you can get these sets in natural shades of grey and cream to a range of transparent contemporary colors like charcoal grey and black to give your space a traditional and modern style.

 Certainly, the brand offers weatherproof lounging for your space along with fabric cushions that make the entire set look elegant.

These sets are crafted to offer luxury, style, robustness, durability, and comfort.

If you are planning to change the looks of your outdoor space this season, look no further and choose Maze Rattan Garden Sofa Sets to get all features you have in mind.

With quality set, you also get a competitive price on your purchase. Just redefine your outdoor living with elegant furnishing. You can also buy some accessories like side tables etc to have an entire arrangement for the outdoors.

Maze Rattan Garden Sofa Sets

You may find plenty of outdoor furniture online, but if you are looking for quality, elegance, comfort, and durability then only Rattan can help you meet your needs.

The seating arrangements are made from original synthetic fibers and when it is woven with organic fibers, it tends to be stronger.  When people select this brand for indoors they look for a loveseat, sofa, chair, etc. On the other hand, when they select outdoor furniture they choose from chairs & rocking chairs for patio.

If you are using a veranda for spending leisure time then the brand offers different collections to decorate elegantly. So, along with your indoor space, you can decorate outdoor space as well for small gatherings, events, and also for spending leisure time. Spend quality time this season with your loved ones.