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Rattan Garden Furniture Dream

Is your garden looking bleak or empty? Are you longing for somewhere to sit during those sunny days in the dead of summer? Then look no further. Here at Rattan Furniture Fairy, we make garden furniture that suits everyone. Now you can entertain your friends and family using these three easy-to-clean, stylish tables and chairs. They are our summer favourites that we think you will equally love.

1. Maze Rattan Henley Corner Sofa Dining Set with Rising Table

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this sleek dining set. With reclining chairs and a mixture of seating, every eventuality is covered. Made from synthetic all-w

eather flat weave, this set is shower-resistant, flame retardant and fire retardant, making it ideal for all weathers and outcomes. Whether you dream of kicking back, reading a book or sipping a cocktail, revel in this amazing and affordable outdoor furniture.

Maze Rattan Henley Garden Corner Sofa Set With Rising Table - Mixed Grey Flat Weave
Maze Rattan Henley Garden Corner Sofa Dining Set With Rising Table!

2. Maze Rattan Casual Venice Garden Sofa Dining Set with Rising Table

The Venice Garden Sofa Dining Set is the perfect patio furniture set as it is flexible and adaptable to suit any setting. Whether you’re hosting a pool party, want to socialise with friends or just need something to fill up the open space in your garden area, we can help. All of our rattan sofa sets are easy to maintain, which means even after large social events, your furniture will remain hygienic. With our flatweave handwoven onto aluminium framing, our outdoor sofa sets are the perfect blend of elegant and robust, meaning your garden can stay looking its best no matter what time of the year it is.

Maze Rattan Henley Corner Sofa Dining With Rising Table
Maze rattan Venice Garden Corner Sofa ining Set With Risjng Table


3. Maze Rattan 6 Seat Round Bar Set with Ice Bucket + Free Parasol
This 6 seater bar set really is the ideal solution to any social gathering. With an ice bucket at its centre, your friends and family are invited to join you around a circular table, creating an intimate and cosy environment. This particular set comes with a free parasol, meaning you are kept dry and safe no matter the weather. Come rain or shine, whether you prefer cooler or more balmy days, the Maze rattan 6 seat round bar set can cater to you.

Maze Rattan 6 Seat Round Outdoor Furniture Bar Set - Mixed Grey Flat Weave
Maze Rattan 6 Seat Round Bar Set – Mixed Grey Flat Weave