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how to Install Garden Furniture

Carefree work on the garden plot or cottage can provide many enjoyable minutes. After such actions, it is not a bad idea to relax and unwind, enjoying the comforts that are inaccessible in the conditions of the city’s fuss. And if you are able to choose correctly and rationally arrange comfortable garden furniture, you will bring real pleasure to yourself and your loved ones.

Instruction: how to create a attractive garden

Maze Rattan Oxford Corner Sofa Dining set With armchair
Maze Rattan Oxford Casual Corner Sofa Dining With ice bucket and rising table

1. Determine what type of furniture you want to see in your garden. Choose the amount and type of furniture taking into account the size of the spaces and features of the landscape. For this you must choose rattan garden furniture that makes your garden fully attractive and beautiful. The main requirements for facilities for recreation in the country are comfort and functionality. 

If you spend a lot of time on the garden plot, then take care of stationary structures, while making a rare visit to the dacha, there is enough portable furniture that can be stored in the utility room.

2. Decorate the interior of the garden with granite benches. Such a structure will not only give the site its uniqueness, but also allow you to cool in the summer and warm in the cold. Granite is unique in that it only heats in the sun up to a certain temperature, so it is possible to install such a bench in an open space.

3. Try to choose to give “attractive” furniture that will not distract you from the natural beauty of the natural. In any case, when installing structures, try to ensure that the furniture is in harmony with the elements of the natural environment in color and shape.

4. Set up a table and two or three chairs on the lawn in the vicinity of the living room entrance. This will allow making arranging an easy breakfast or dinner a breeze with no hassle. For these purposes, wide wicker chairs, garden sofa sets are quite suitable, combined in color with a similar light table. If desired, the entire mobile kit can be transferred to another place, for example, in the shade or, conversely, on the sunny side of the garden.

5. If the site has a children’s corner, then equip it with low benches with images of animals or children’s fairy tales. To protect from rain and excessive sun, make a wooden “fungus”. The location for children’s play is more convenient to put closer to the house so that you can control the kids easily.

6. When you have furniture, be aware that it may feel differently in the open air. Some objects will fade in the sun and crack, while others are not afraid of heat or rain. Plastic and metal furniture can be safely installed on the edge of a pool or on the edge of a natural pond.

7. Try installing “shade-loving” furniture in closed spaces, like a canopy or under the crown of a tree. Items woven from natural materials, it is desirable to use in gazebos, not allowing them to be exposed to rain.

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How To Add Value to Outdoor Space

Maze Pulse Outdoor Fabric Square corner Dining Sofa Set With Fire Pit

When it comes to decorating our house, we all want it to look amazing inside out. The inside decoration of our house plays an important role in making an impact but nowadays outside decoration is also equally important.

People are now paying full attention to making their outdoor areas or garden areas stylish and good. If you are also thinking about decorating your outer place then we are having some amazing tips and tricks available for you.

Purchase garden sofa sets

Maze Rattan Oxford Deluxe Large Corner Sofa Dining Set with Armchair
Maze Rattan Oxford Deluxe Large Corner Sofa Dining Set with Armchair

Garden Sofa Sets are nowadays so popular among people who are willing to have some garden transformation. You can place the sofa set in your garden and also decorate the rest area with some plantations. The best part about garden sofa sets is they come with a variety of texture and design that does not get affected with heat or cold weather.

Create a space for entertainment

Create a space for entertainment

In the UK, people actually love enjoying the spring and summer seasons. If you want to welcome and entertain your guests with something amazing then you can create some space for entertainment in your garden area. Along with a Rattan Outdoor Day Bed, you can place some other furnishing items like a wooden deck and some Music system etc.

Make the outer area like a dining area

Maze Rattan Winchester 8 Seat Oval Ice Bucket Dining Set with Rounded Chairs & Lazy Susan + Parasol

You can also transform your outer area into the dining area if it is covered by any roof. You can place a dining table with some wooden chairs on your balcony and can have your lunch and dinner along with your family and friends. With Rattan Dining Sets, you can also enjoy the afternoons of the summer and spring seasons. Even, the dining area will help you in enjoying evening tea with your loved ones.

Add an outdoor fireplace

Add an outdoor fireplace

If you want to create some memories with your friends and family then adding a fire pit is always an amazing idea. It will help you out in adding more value to your home and outer space. You can easily purchase a fire pit dining set and create a seating is space in your garden.

You can easily enjoy the moments with your friend and can also cook at the same time. Even there are amazing fire pits available that comes with safety features and you can easily choose anyone according to the style and finishing.

We all want to make our house look amazing and decorative in every manner. We hope the above given Rattan Garden Furniture suggestions will definitely help you out in grooming up the outer space of your house. So, if you are thinking about adding some fun to your life and decorate your outer area then you can visit us at Here we are having the best sofa sets available for you. Even you can order online and we will deliver the sofa set to your doorstep

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How to choose garden furniture ?

When choosing garden furniture, there are mistakes not to make and questions to ask yourself. What material? What are my needs? Which style do I prefer? A short guide for those who want a garden furniture that looks like them for the coming summer.

Vega Aluminium Garden Sofa Set With or Without Armchair
   Vegas Aluminium Garden Corner Sofa Set With or Without Armchair

Choosing a garden furniture that will last over time and follow our decorative desires is sometimes difficult. What questions should we ask ourselves so as not to make a mistake and create a cozy and functional garden furniture? Find out 5 essential rules to buy the right garden furniture.

Step 1: Before you start, ask yourself what your garden needs are 

We all dream of having the full range of beautiful outdoor furniture. However, there is no point in investing in a large garden table for dining if you are more of a lemonade and a snack with your friends in the afternoon, a simple garden furniture set with coffee table will suffice. If on the other hand, summer barbecues with all the neighbours are usual, a large table is necessary. Conversely, you may want to sunbathe but, without a pool around which to sit, maybe a fireside chair, a sofa or a garden bench is enough to install a reading corner, the shade of a shade veil to protect you from the sun. Before buying a garden furniture and other outdoor furniture, ask yourself what your real needs are.


 Cambridge 3 Seat Garden Sofa Set — Grey Half Round & Full Round Detailing

Step 2: Choose the best material for your garden furniture


Maze Rattan Chelthenam Garden Sofa & Daybed — Mixed Grey FLat Weave
   Maze Rattan Chelthenam Garden Sofa & Daybed — Mixed Grey Flat Weave

The question of the material is essential when choosing your garden furniture. We are tempted to give in to trends, but it is better to think in the long run and opt for a solid material, which will withstand both the passing of time and the weather. If you live in the south of France or Spain, avoid garden furniture made of colored plastic, which would not pass the sunny summer. Also think about the time you want to devote to garden furniture maintenance. Wood requires more attention than steelor aluminium, which is more durable — and found in pop colors if you want to have color. The maintenance of a teak garden furniture will not be the same as that of a plastic garden furniture. In the same way, choose materials that you will never get tired of and that will hardly be damaged. The synthetic rattan is quite resistant and gives a cozy side, perfect for a garden furniture. When mixing materials, also try to keep the overall consistency.

Step 3: Consider investing in a quality garden set


  Maze Rattan Henley Garden Corner Sofa Dining Set With Rising Table & Reclining 

To choose the right garden furniture, you have to think sustainable. Choose your garden furniture as your interior furniture: bet on its longevity. For this, two important criteria: the choice of a solid material and a style that will not tire you. Prefer investing a little more to buy furniture that will last longer than choosing the first price. You will see, the summers passing at high speed, you will be delighted to have opted for a natural color rather than a bright red that you will not like next summer. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to refresh your outdoor decoration by changing the outdoor rugs, the cushions or the candles. For furniture, on the other hand, think durable because its cost is higher. A rattan garden furniture more expensive to buy will be, for example, longevity foolproof unlike a plastic outdoor furniture.

Step 4: Create a real outdoor relaxation area


Maze Regal 8 Seat Rectangular Outdoor Fabric Bar Set With Fire Pit
   Maze Regal 8 Seat Rectangular Outdoor Fabric Bar Set With Fire Pit — Flanelle Colour

You may have the impression that it is not essential and yet … The relaxation area is a must-have in the garden, so that you can enjoy the beautiful days outside, without being satisfied with the snack or meal. Depending on your garden and the possibilities available to you, create the relaxation area that suits you. If you have a swimming pool, install some deckchairs and some coffee tables, why not floor cushions. If you like to sit in the grass, put up a pergola to shelter from the sun and create a cozy corner with a garden sofa, a few cushions, a few lounge chairs. The garden is also a very comfortable place to rest. If you are lucky enough to have one, always invest it keeping in mind that this relaxation corner requires a real budget.


Maze Rattan Oxford Heritage 8 Seat Oval Ice Bucket Dining Set

Step 5: Listen to your decorative desires for your outdoor corner

Finally, to create the outdoor living room of your dreams, you must listen to your desires and follow your decorating inspirations. Do you want retro, pop, classic? If you want a wooden table to share your breakfasts and barbecues, listen to yourself, even if it will require more maintenance than its metal neighbour. If you want to opt for mismatched chairs, do not deprive yourself. Always keep in mind the first elements to take into account: think sustainable, solid, useful … but also think according to your tastes. You don’t change your mood every day, if you are sure not to get tired of this style of outdoor furniture, go for it! The advantage of outdoor furniture is that even if it is neutral, it is as easy to decorate as indoor furniture: a few cushions, a plaid, a tray, a pretty plant … and the outside is transformed according to trends.







Maze Rattan Cheltenham Daybed - Mixed Grey Flat RattanMaze Rattan Cheltenham Daybed - Mixed Grey Flat Rattan
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Autumn may be well and truly upon us, but now is the perfect time to plan a luxurious and elegant outdoor dining experience for next spring or garden furniture that will bring the wow factor to your outdoor space.

Created with decadence in mind, find out more about the Chelsea and Cheltenham outdoor furniture sets that are available in-store at the moment.

<h2>Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite</h2>

The stunning Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite with rising table is the perfect addition to any garden or conservatory, bringing style and chic to your alfresco experience.
The beautiful rounded shape of this suite makes it the ideal set for entertaining and social occasions. It accommodates up to nine people, who can all sit in maximum luxury and comfort facing one another in this clever, circular design.

The innovative rising table makes this perfect for pre-dinner cocktails, appetisers or dining and can be adjusted to the appropriate height for the occasion.
But when guests have gone it is the perfect cosy nook to enjoy reading your book or chilling out with a drink.

The set includes a rounded sofa with seat and back cushions, two rounded bench seats and one rising table and footstool.

Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite
Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle

<h2>Maze Rattan Cheltenham Sofa and Daybed</h2>

The ultimate in luxury and style, the contemporary Cheltenham sofa and rattan daybed is as versatile as it is elegant.

Perfect for social occasions, sipping cocktails or chic dining, this set can accommodate up to 8 people. However, when your guests have gone and you want to relax in peace, the sofa converts into an outdoor daybed so you relax in total comfort.

The set is available in a variety of colours including mixed grey, brown or natural Tuscan flat weave so you can choose the perfect shade to fit in with your surroundings.

Maze Rattan Chelthenam Daybed

The powder-coated aluminium frame means that it can stay outside all-year-round and still look as good as the day it arrived. The set includes two sofa pieces, two shaped footstools and one adjustable coffee table and footstool.

It is the perfect way to enhance your garden or patio with the reassurance of a 5-year guarantee.

If either of these beautiful rattan sofa dining sets appeals to you, order online with Rattan Furniture Fairy today. For any help or advice, give us a call for more details on 0238 097 0298 or contact us on the Chat.


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Transform your conservatory or outdoor space with a rattan garden furniture set

A big part of making the most of your conservatory or garden space involves the furniture you use. Stunning rattan garden furniture is the ideal way to turn it from dull to amazing. It will not only give you somewhere comfortable to relax when taking a break but also provide somewhere to eat with family or socialise with friends. Here are 3 of the very best garden furniture sets we have in stock at Rattan Furniture Fairy right now.

<h1>Maze Rattan Oxford Casual Corner Sofa Dining Set with Inset Ice Bucket Rising Table</h1>

Part of the Oxford range, this awesome set of garden furniture will add style and class to any property. You will love relaxing in the corner style seats and the design allows you to maximise any outdoor space you have. A large table is included which is ideal for entertaining guests or simply enjoying family meals on. One really innovative touch is the rising table which makes it simple for everyone to relax after finishing their meal. A fully integrated ice bucket also makes it easy to keep drinks chilled to just the right temperature. Simple to care for, this is a superb set of rattan furniture.

Maze Rattan Oxford Corner Sofa Dining set With armchair
Maze Rattan Oxford Casual Corner Sofa Dining With ice bucket and rising table


<h2>Maze Rattan Oxford Sofa Dining Set with Ice Bucket And Rising Table</h2>

One of the best rattan sets around, this has a real air of luxury which will be at home in any conservatory or garden. This gorgeous set comes with plenty of seating for up to 7 people to enjoy. An inset ice bucket is also included to keep your refreshments cool when socialising. In addition, the powder-coated aluminium frame gives superb durability for many years of relaxed dining and enjoyment. It is also a very safe set with 8mm toughened glass on the table and cushions which are flame retardant.

Venice-Sofa-Ice-Bucket-+-Rising-Table_DSC_0687 (2)

<h2>Maze Rattan Oxford 3 Piece Lounge Set</h2>

This 3 piece set has an understated appeal which is perfect for use in any conservatory or garden. 2 round chairs are included with sloping arms and thick luxury cushions for total comfort. A shaped coffee table is also included and the set itself is made from a synthetic flat weave all-weather rattan. This makes it durable enough for use all-year-round. The aluminium frame gives it a robust feel while the 5-year manufacturers guarantee gives peace of mind when buying. If you have a smaller space or home, this is one of the best rattan sets to choose.

Maze Oxford 3 piece lounge set white out
Maze Rattan 3 Piece Lounge Set

<h2>Order your rattan garden furniture set today</h2>

If you like the sound of the above rattan sofa dining sets, then order online with Rattan Furniture Fairy today. For any help or advice, give us a call for more details on 0238 097 0298.