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Trendy 2022 rattan sunbeds

As summer approaches, do you want to equip your garden with outdoor furniture such as sunbeds to relax in the sun? The sun lounger is one of the garden furniture that can be found on most gardens, terraces, (large) balconies and pool edges. Are you specifically looking for a woven resin sun lounger, as this material is renowned for its resistance and ease of maintenance? Discover our guide to choosing your resin sun loungers, where to buy them and at what price!

Maze Rattan – Victoria Sun Lounger Set

Choosing a synthetic rattan sun lounger:
Why choose braided resin for sunbathing rather than wood, metal, PVC / plastic…? Braided resin is more and more trendy because its design is reinvented to match current styles of decoration: it comes in several colors (black, gray, beige to imitate wood or rattan), in different styles (from the most traditional to chic and elegant sunbathing) and the advantage of being practical. The braided resin furniture is quite light, easy to store and simple to maintain.

Like any sun lounger, it can be on wheels or not, with a parasol or a sun visor, with a shelf or a small side table to put a book / sunglasses, with or without armrests. Generally, a mattress and/or cushions are sold with the structure of the resin sun lounger. The Rattan sunbed can be sold in sets of 2 or in duo format (XXL). It may or may not match other existing garden furniture (garden furniture, parasol, hanging chair, etc.)

If the resin sun lounger is of good quality, it will last over time and resist bad weather (just like the sun’s UV rays). On the price side, a resin sun lounger is generally less expensive than a solid wood sun lounger, but more expensive than plastic.

Maze Rattan Oxford Sun Lounger Set – Mixed Grey Half Round Weave

What maintenance for a resin sun lounger?

If the resin sun lounger fits perfectly in our gardens, it also has the advantage of requiring relatively little maintenance: it can be cleaned with a jet of water to remove leaves, dirt or bird droppings. . In autumn / winter, you can cover it to protect it or leave it as it is in a corner of the garden where it will be a minimum of shelter.

Our selection of woven resin sun loungers:
Where to buy designer and trendy wicker sun loungers for spring / summer 2022? Which brands offer it in their collections? At what prices? What are the best sunbeds? To help you make your choice and your purchase among all sunbeds and deck chairs, discover below our selection of woven sun lounger found in the collections of brands such as Rattan Furniture Fairy and Maze Rattan…

We will update our selection when the new Spring/Summer 2022 garden furniture collections are unveiled.


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How to take care of your Rattan Garden Furniture?

Are you worried about the Garden Sofa Sets available in your apartment which have not been taken care of for years? If yes then you are at the right destination. You always want the wooden furniture to be smooth and varnished and for that it is necessary to take care of it properly. Considering this, here we are going to share some amazing tips that can help you out in taking care of your Rattan Garden Furniture.

Try To Avoid Direct Expose To Liquid

You should try that your Rattan Garden Furniture is away from water and other liquids like chemicals, food liquid or alcohol. Sometimes such liquids lead to stains and also remove the varnish coating of the furniture.

Try To Keep It Away From Dust And Dirt

Clean your furniture including Rattan Dining Sets regularly and ensure that it is away from dust and dirt. You can also use an appropriate brush or a vacuum cleaner to do the task. Also, with the help of a soft cloth you can clean the dust and stains on a daily basis so that the finish of the furniture can be maintained.

Wood Cleaning

If your Rattan outer bed is heavily soiled then you should first prepare a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. After preparing the solution, dip a soft cloth in it and then wipe the surface immediately. Don’t let the wood absorb moisture. After cleaning the stains, use a clean cloth again to wipe.

Does Your Furniture Have Sticky Solutions? 

In case your Rattan Corner Sofa Sets come with sticky solutions or are lightly soiled then you should always use a damp cloth to clean it and rub it with a dry cloth instantly. Also, before applying any solution to the wooden surface directly, test it by applying it on a small corner of the sofa.

Varnished Wood

If you want to retain the lustre of your Rattan Outdoor Daybeds then try to wax or polish it regularly. It will help you out in preventing your furniture from the wax build-up and also protect the surface from moisture and dust. Again you can use mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine along with a damp and cloth to get the furniture cleaned.

These are some of the very simple tips and tricks that can help you out in taking care of your Rattan garden furniture in the best way. Rattan Furniture fairy understands your relationship with your furniture and always try to provide you the best solution. Also, if you are looking for some new furniture to get added in your garden or house then also you can consider them. 

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Spending time outdoors can be more fun with Rattan Furniture Sets

Who doesn’t love spending quality time outdoors isn’t? Now you can add more fun while relaxing outdoors with Rattan Garden Furniture sets.

You can opt from a range of elegant Maze Rattan Garden Furniture to relax outdoors. Among others, Maze Garden Sofa sets are quite popular.

Outdoor garden corner sofa can also add to your outdoor space. Yes, it helps you create an organized lounge with premium Rattan that comes with durable cushions to meet your patio, lawn, or outdoor needs.

The Rattan Garden Furniture Sets are modular, versatile, and can be customized in different shapes to match your living space outdoors.

 You can choose from Canopy Corner, Curved, and Casual sofa sets.  You can arrange the furniture neatly in area outside and can enjoy the summer or winter seasons enjoying the outdoors.

The sofa set has all the features you are looking for like

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Low maintenance

Why Maze Rattan Garden Furniture?

Maze Rattan Garden Sofa Setsoffer a comfortable seating solution to spend quality time while enjoying, socializing, and relaxing outdoors. The brand offers elegant sitting in all areas.

With this brand, the set includes lounge chairs, 3 seater sofa, etc to help your space become an ideal place for winters, spring, and summers.

Outdoor furniture sets

Matches your garden design

Rattan furniture is designed to adapt to your existing garden space. Talking about the colors you can get these sets in natural shades of grey and cream to a range of transparent contemporary colors like charcoal grey and black to give your space a traditional and modern style.

 Certainly, the brand offers weatherproof lounging for your space along with fabric cushions that make the entire set look elegant.

These sets are crafted to offer luxury, style, robustness, durability, and comfort.

If you are planning to change the looks of your outdoor space this season, look no further and choose Maze Rattan Garden Sofa Sets to get all features you have in mind.

With quality set, you also get a competitive price on your purchase. Just redefine your outdoor living with elegant furnishing. You can also buy some accessories like side tables etc to have an entire arrangement for the outdoors.

Maze Rattan Garden Sofa Sets

You may find plenty of outdoor furniture online, but if you are looking for quality, elegance, comfort, and durability then only Rattan can help you meet your needs.

The seating arrangements are made from original synthetic fibers and when it is woven with organic fibers, it tends to be stronger.  When people select this brand for indoors they look for a loveseat, sofa, chair, etc. On the other hand, when they select outdoor furniture they choose from chairs & rocking chairs for patio.

If you are using a veranda for spending leisure time then the brand offers different collections to decorate elegantly. So, along with your indoor space, you can decorate outdoor space as well for small gatherings, events, and also for spending leisure time. Spend quality time this season with your loved ones.