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Rattan Sofa Sets for Luxurious Outdoor Sitting Arrangement

The garden can become more than an open outdoor space when you have luxurious outdoor furniture on the patio. It would be a wonderful experience to spend time outdoors viewing the open sky, leaf trembling, observing the tree, birds chirping sound, and gentle breeze passing through your surroundings. 

Imagine you are sitting down in the corner of the beautiful landscape covered in greenery. It would be a nice place to meditate and feel relaxed under the implacable nature. Beautiful outdoor furniture sets would make a living more pleasurable. 

Rattan corner sofa sets occupy less space, giving you perfect accommodation for your garden. Well decorated garden with the Rattan sofa sets would make your living area comprehensive. 

Your family would love to sit outdoors and enjoy quality time during the day. Starting the day by being close to nature would help you relieve yourself from the stress and anxiety. Become more relaxed and happier while spending time outdoors.

Features of the Rattan Sofa Sets

  • Ergonomic design offers comfortable sitting posture to your body
  • All weather-protected premium quality weave.
  • Matching cushions for the sofa design with high-quality fabric and soft fillings.
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame gives a sturdy look to the sofa.
  • Choose a reclining sofa and armchair for more comfort.
  • Rising table to customize the height according to the need. 
  • Luxury inset ice bucket matches the sofa sets.
  • Toughened glass top
  • High-density foam offers the comfortable sitting area
  • Removable cushion covers can be wash and reuse.
  • Feet made of aluminum structure and polish to get the shiny appearance.
  • Five years structural guarantee

Difference between Outdoor Furniture and the Indoor furniture

The outdoor furniture is made with different materials to offer a sturdy look and long-lasting features. The materials used in outdoor furniture manufacturing are chosen based on their quality to stay protected in harsh conditions. 

Compared to indoor furniture, outdoor furniture has to face direct sunlight, water splash, changing temperature, dust, and dirt particles. The outdoor furniture sets must be strong enough to sustain longer and offer excellent service to the users. 

The materials are selected to make the outdoor furniture withstand the elements of nature. Furniture is generally lightweight, so you can quickly move and rearrange them in the outdoor space whenever required. Place the Rattan Corner Sofa Sets anywhere in the garden and find a comfortable setting to spend time with your loved ones. 

Sleek design, customize cushion, and a table give a luxurious appearance to the garden. Your guest would love to spend more time in your garden compared to the closed indoor space. 

It may offer the feeling of freedom and openness while exchanging thoughts with you, discussing their life journey on the comfortable sofas. The luxurious rattan corner sofa sets would show them the pleasure that they have never experience anywhere else. 

The evening is more enticing than the day as the garden lights up with the beautiful soft LED light. Placing rattan sofa sets in the outdoor place would allow your family to spend some time in the garden. Have evening snacks, talk about the day’s activity, and build new mesmerizing memories. 

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How to take care of your Rattan Garden Furniture?

Are you worried about the Garden Sofa Sets available in your apartment which have not been taken care of for years? If yes then you are at the right destination. You always want the wooden furniture to be smooth and varnished and for that it is necessary to take care of it properly. Considering this, here we are going to share some amazing tips that can help you out in taking care of your Rattan Garden Furniture.

Try To Avoid Direct Expose To Liquid

You should try that your Rattan Garden Furniture is away from water and other liquids like chemicals, food liquid or alcohol. Sometimes such liquids lead to stains and also remove the varnish coating of the furniture.

Try To Keep It Away From Dust And Dirt

Clean your furniture including Rattan Dining Sets regularly and ensure that it is away from dust and dirt. You can also use an appropriate brush or a vacuum cleaner to do the task. Also, with the help of a soft cloth you can clean the dust and stains on a daily basis so that the finish of the furniture can be maintained.

Wood Cleaning

If your Rattan outer bed is heavily soiled then you should first prepare a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. After preparing the solution, dip a soft cloth in it and then wipe the surface immediately. Don’t let the wood absorb moisture. After cleaning the stains, use a clean cloth again to wipe.

Does Your Furniture Have Sticky Solutions? 

In case your Rattan Corner Sofa Sets come with sticky solutions or are lightly soiled then you should always use a damp cloth to clean it and rub it with a dry cloth instantly. Also, before applying any solution to the wooden surface directly, test it by applying it on a small corner of the sofa.

Varnished Wood

If you want to retain the lustre of your Rattan Outdoor Daybeds then try to wax or polish it regularly. It will help you out in preventing your furniture from the wax build-up and also protect the surface from moisture and dust. Again you can use mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine along with a damp and cloth to get the furniture cleaned.

These are some of the very simple tips and tricks that can help you out in taking care of your Rattan garden furniture in the best way. Rattan Furniture fairy understands your relationship with your furniture and always try to provide you the best solution. Also, if you are looking for some new furniture to get added in your garden or house then also you can consider them. 

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Maze Rattan Oxford Royal U-Shaped Garden Sofa Set With Fire Pit

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal U-Shaped Garden Sofa Set With Fire 💥💥💥Pit- If you are looking for a simple, classy, elegant and refined addition to your patio or garden, you can’t go wrong with this amazing u-shaped outdoor sofa set, It is luxuriant and roomy, with space for up to eight peoples.

Features and warrenty of sofa set

The sumptuous, matching grey cushions and thick padded are removable, flame retardant and showerproof, and the square rising table has an 8mm glass table top made of toughened glass with ample space for glasses.

Now available with free delivery, and a 5-year structural guarantee, this gorgeous rattan garden sofa set is a low maintenance and fuss-free asset to any outdoor space.

Maze Rattan Oxford Royal U-Shaped Sofa Set With Fire Pit Includes:
-1 x Left Sofa
-1 x Right Sofa
-2 x Corner Pieces
-1 x 2 Seat Centre Sofa
-1 x Square Rising Table With in-built Fire Pit
-1 x Large Bench Seat
-1 x Glass Surround & Lazy Susan
-1 x Cooking pan, Shelf & Lava Rocks

Click to view more details: https://www.rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk/garden-furniture-rattan-sofa-sets-maze-rattan-oxford-royal-u-shaped-sofa-set-with-fire-pit.html

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Maze Rattan Tuscany Kingston Corner Sofa Dining Set with Adjustable Table

The Maze Rattan Tuscany Kingston dining set is the best way to combine calm with a comfortable dining set and has proven to be a favorite choice of many. Its large table means there is plenty of room for the largest of feasts and this corner sofa set style allows you to seat up to 8 people.

The Tuscany ratan dining set includes three extra stool-style seating so that you can feed the entire family in comfort.

Maze Rattan Tuscany Kingston Corner Dining Set with Adjustable Table Set Includes:
-1 x Rising Table
-1 x LH Sofa
-1 x RH Sofa
-3 x Footstools

Maze Rattan Tuscany Kingston Corner Dining Set with Rising Table Features:
-This Maze Rattan dining set is made of flat weave all-weather rattan
-Powder Coated aluminium frame
-Poly rattan ensures durability
-The table can be adjusted to chosen height to make a dining table or coffee table
-Showerproof cushions covers can be removed for washing
-Can be left outdoors all year long
-Table base requires simple assembly
-Easy care
-5 Year Warranty

Buy Now: https://www.rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk/garden-furniture-garden-dining-sets-maze-rattan-tuscany-kingston-corner-sofa-dining-set-with-rising-table.html

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Maze Fusion Sofa Cube Set With Fire Pit

New- Maze Fusion Sofa Cube Set With Fire 💥💥💥Pit- This attractive and stylish casual sofa dining set with a fire pit will transform your outdoor space. easily seat up to 8 people, this dining sofa set comes with a complete 1 fir pit dining table, 2 sofas and 1 glass surround with accompanying firestones- It comes with free delivery and a 5-year warranty.

Highest Quality Rattan Sofa Set

This maze rattan fusion sofa dining set has made with top-quality material, the base has been crafted using A hard-wearing powder-coated aluminum frame, the all-weather fabric is both flame retardant and showerproof with a beautiful dining table at the center, also a warming fir pit made from high-quality lava rocks, it is perfect as rattan garden furniture.

The versatile and stylish grey dining set will blend seamlessly with any number of colors in your garden, patio. It is completely washable and has removable covers.

Maze Fusion Sofa Cube Set With Fire Pit Includes:

-x2 – Fuzion 2 Seat Sofa
-x1 – Spray Stone Dining Table
-x1 – Fire pit System & Metal Lid
-x1 – Glass Surround
-x1 – Black Firestones
Free Winter Cover

Key specifications:

-Brand: Maze Rattan
-Range: Fusion
-Accommodates up to 8 people
-Material: All-weather acrylic fabric
-Cover material: Polyester
-Frame: Powder-coated aluminium

Buy Now: https://www.rattanfurniturefairy.co.uk/garden-furniture-outdoor-fabric-furniture-maze-fusion-sofa-cube-set-with-fire-pit.html